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Organisation Professionelle Pour Le Development Educatif De Bainet


The OPDEB is an international organization which was founded in the United States on March 15, 2018 by a Haitian-Bainetian group living abroad (WESTHAM / MIAMI-FORIDA) with the objective of promoting the vocational training of young people from the Commune of Bainet on the educational, social, health and cultural levels.

The OPDEB wants to achieve its objective but we lack the financial means. As a result, the OPDEB wants to launch a solemn appeal to international partners that their support will be important and essential for the Organization because with the minimum it has received, it has helped the young people of its Community a lot. Many personal sacrifices have been made by its members so that we can achieve this positive picture of the OPDEB.

Our new slogan “By receiving more donations, the rate of Juvenile delinquency will decrease in its Community”



  • Establishment of a Vocational Training Center in Bainet in 2019
  • Rehabilitation of two classrooms for the learning of young people for the following options: English and Building Constructions. (2019)
  • Graduation ceremony for 110 young people in the following options: Tiles: 25, Building Construction: 40, Windows Technology: 25 and Office IT: 20 (2019-2022)
  • Regular payment of administrative and teaching staff (2019-2022)
  • Providing the Vocational Training Center with a well-equipped computer laboratory (Complete computers and a generator)
  • Rehabilitation of a space for the computer lab (2021).


Given the gradual rise of insecurity in Haiti, the young people of the Commune of Bainet are forced to stay at home, they cannot go to Port-au-Prince to continue with their university studies after their classical studies. So, they want to learn a manual trade that can help them cope with their daily lives, but due to lack of financial means, they will not be able to have access to this Vocational Training Center. The officials of the OPDEB want to offer them this opportunity but the OPDEB does not have enough financial means to receive these young people. Therefore, the Organization solicits a donation from foreign partners who believe that the best way to make a society prosperous is to invest in the educational, social and cultural training of young people. In the end, the OPDEB is looking for funds for the construction of premises that can house the Organization and the Vocational Training Center.


  • The overall vision of the OPDEB is:
  • Free the Bainetienne Youth from extreme poverty by giving young people the opportunity to learn at least two manual trades.
  • Enable young people to better understand the importance of computers in learning a manual trade.
  • To create a sense of learning in the youth of Bainet so that they can ultimately break free from poverty.
  • Develop a creative and dynamic spirit in young people by promoting local production.
  • Train more than 500 young people in the Commune of Bainet in the following options:
    a) Office IT
    b) Principles of management and management of Human Resources.
    c) Technical Windows, Building Construction, Tiling, Building Electricity, Plumbing and Ironwork
  • Have a professional community.

OPDEB (Bainet) Fourth Annual Fund Raising Concert 2019

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who supported this project, words are not enough to express our gratitude towards all of you.

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